3 reasons to have real estate listings with full address

It is not just today that people talk about the importance of creating effective real estate ads that draw the attention of consumers online, right? This type of investment can bring great results to the professional in the sector, in addition to adding visibility to your portfolio of projects.

One of the most important and widely discussed items among real estate brokers is the insertion of the full address in the description of the home, because there are some concerns about competition, insecurity with attracting or also the risk of customers coming into direct contact with the owner and the professional are left out of the transaction.

However, the market is constantly updated and customers do not want to waste time, especially when looking for a new home to live in. Find out three reasons to be convinced that putting your full address in real estate ads can boost business.

01 – Think about your client when creating real estate ads

It may be consistent to think that by hiding the address from other brokers, your ads will be safe. However, it is necessary to reflect that when deciding not to display the complete location for fear of having the funds stolen, the professional will be failing to pass this information on to the consumer as well. That is, if, on the one hand, competitors will not find the venture, potential customers may also not be as interested in it.

Are you still a broker who places signs in front of real estate? This is also a way for some broker in the market to “steal” the funding. It is necessary to think about what the client wants and how to keep him interested in the residence. An exemplary professional does not have to worry about the competition and, thus, has more time to serve consumers with excellence.

Provision of service

The realtor is a service provider, so he must add value to the client and meet the needs and pains so that his work can win over consumers. The real estate professional must adapt to the client and not expect the opposite to happen. And entering the full address is one of the “wants” of consumers, since most people like to search for points of interest near the future home when analyzing a possible purchase.

02 – Hotter leads and in greater quantity

It has already been found that property listings with the complete location of the development receive up to 83% more contacts than those that do not have the address. Half of the market brokers already include the place where the residence is located. You don’t want to be left behind, do you?

Apart from receiving more leads, full ads are more likely to receive contacts who are really interested in a particular home. When knowing the address of the home, the consumer will already know right away if that development has the potential or not to be his new home and, if not, will not even try to contact.

03 – No address, no search results

Putting the full address, there are great possibilities for your ad to appear in Google search results or in real estate portals, since a large number of people, when trying to find a property, search according to a street, neighborhood or city of interest. .

The VivaReal Portal, for example, already has projects to revolutionize the way the customer searches for homes through the platform. Consumers will be able to find property listings by the name of the street or even points of facilities, such as hospitals, subways, parks, schools, among other places of interest. Interested? Click here to better understand how to advertise properties on the portal and get ahead of the competition, making it easier for your current and future customers to find the home of your dreams in the homes available in your portfolio.