3 seo tips for selling new real estate

The intensive use of the internet has brought several benefits for those who want to sell new or used properties, whether it be an independent broker or a real estate agent. The ads bring more information and photographs, which helps the consumer. There are also tools that optimize the broker’s work.

However, it is no longer enough to just make a website or ad. It is necessary to know how to optimize it and have greater return on lead generation – qualified contacts who really want a property. For this, a technique called SEO (Search Engine Optimization, in English) is used.

What is SEO?

SEO is the name given to a set of guidelines used by search engines, such as Google, to identify the page as of quality and relevance to a certain subject and thus, it appears in the top positions in searches made by users.

Appearing in the top positions brings more visitors to the site. With greater traffic, the chances of finding qualified leads among users are greater. In addition, recognition by search engines brings greater strength to the brand itself.

SEO Tips for Selling New Real Estate

Amid the plethora of real estate ads on the internet, it is necessary to stand out. Both the real estate website and the ads made on other platforms must be optimized with SEO. For this, check out three valuable tips:
Use keywords
One of the main pillars for optimization is the use of keywords. They must be included in the titles, descriptions, content and in addition to being intimate with the real estate market, in this case.

After listing several words to be used, which can be done with the help of mechanisms like Google Trends, it is time to define which ones will have priority. For this, the same tool can be used and you should mainly observe the search volume for similar terms.

As an example, look at the graph of search for properties according to the terms “new properties” and “new properties”. In this case, the ideal would be to use the term “new properties” that have a higher volume of searches than “new properties”.

Invest in ads

Ads for new properties are extremely important, after all, they are the ones that consumers want to find. So, take the time to create them, take good pictures of the property and take care of the title and description.

Include 15 photographs that portray the property and its differentials, the complete address and also everything that could attract the buyer’s attention. When writing the ad description, specialize in the first 200 characters, which are the ones that appear in the search engines and can be the difference between a user clicking or not on your site.

Create quality content

In addition to the real estate listings available in your portfolio, create a blog on your website. Feed him with quality content relevant to his audience that is, aimed at those looking for a new property.

Use the keywords you choose, themes of general interest such as decoration, real estate rules and industry news, and create eye-catching headlines. To illustrate the content, use your own images or free stock images, but be careful with photographs that may bring problems related to copyright law.

Do not write texts that are too dense and difficult to understand. Merge blocks of information with lists, images, graphics and everything that can “break” the content and bring more knowledge to your reader.

SEO involves several faces and improvements. However, with the tips above, it is already possible to enhance your site and bring more users interested in buying new properties. So, start optimizing your website now and, if you have any questions, ask in the comments.