6 tips to leverage marketing on your social media

Online marketing for your business can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a dedicated person specifically to manage these accounts. Many people nowadays know that there is a lot of value in social media, and instead of going straight to close a purchase or a service, they first check the social networks to know and feel more secure about the brand. It is not as easy as simply having a Facebook page or a Twitter account. This media needs to be active, engaging and offering the information that people are looking for.

Online marketing for your business

1 – Update your image
If you keep the same cover or icon photo for a long time, this is a great time to change them. When changing, make sure the images are clear and of good quality. A good brand, which is bound by qualities and excellence, needs to pass these concepts through the visual part, either through the logo or through the images used in the course of publications. Always think about the image you want to convey about your business and what you really want to get and give through social media.

2 – Start more conversations
Companies almost always forget about the “social” of a media. It may sound strange, but such companies stop socializing with their customers, stopping conversations and even responding to comments. Always reinforce so that your audience, that you are present and willing to help them when needed.

Share relevant videos and articles, always speaking directly to your audience. And always remember to reply to comments, messages and messages, even if it is a simple thank you. When you take the time to serve your audience, they will remember and automatically have a good memory of your brand.

3 – Remember that there is no body language
One of the biggest barriers in written communication is the lack of body language. To transmit a message effectively without intonation, posture, expression, and gestures is not an easy task, as the client needs to understand perfectly what you mean. You need to keep this in mind, especially when conflict arises. Sometimes, in an attempt to be “professional” in any situation, you can be interpreted as “being cold”. Read and reread your messages before sending to be sure that nothing will be misinterpreted.

4 – Work with social media
You need to pay special attention to various social media, from the simplest to the most elaborate, but things will go from bad to worse if you don’t have a plan and a good execution of that plan. Basically you need to take the time both to pay attention to doubts and questions and to create posts. Without this, it is very likely that your page will fall by the wayside.

5 – Include your audience
One of the worst things you can do on social media is to talk a lot about yourself. Take that attitude of self-satisfaction and exchange it for gratitude. Take the time to thank and speak to your audience, highlight the positive things, and not just things that help your business. Take the opportunity to talk to your fans about what matters to them.


6 – Up-to-date information
It is important to always keep your company’s data up to date, such as addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. In addition to being current, it is important to keep information such as opening hours, office hours, business hours and etc … It will not be an advantage for you if any interested customer searches for basic information to get in touch and does not find it.