Advertise properties with a focus on the right customers and succeed

The real estate industry is extremely competitive and it is up to the broker to know how to attract the right properties and consumers. A good tip to stand out from the competition is: advertise properties with a focus, knowing your target audience, their desires and desires.

Analyzing the main characteristics and behavior of consumers of real estate on the internet is very important, since these data have changed in recent years and the real estate advertisement must be flashy and complete to help the client who wants a new home.

Different types and groups of people search for real estate online and it is necessary to have a focus to advertise and be assertive. On the internet, views do not always reflect business, since with an incomplete ad it can attract people who are not really interested in that particular venture. The more specific and complete the disclosure, the greater the chances of attracting the right customers and succeeding in the negotiation.

Why advertise online?

There are several data that can show the broker the size of your ads and what portion of consumers he can reach through the internet. In Brazil alone, around 102 million people use the network frequently and the search for real estate online has grown every day.

The internet brings several possibilities to the broker who decides to advertise properties online, such as the possibility of including photographs, disclosing the address of the property and including all the information that the consumer needs to know, saving time for all parties involved.

For the consumer, the virtual world brings several important information to purchase a property. 61% of those looking for an enterprise are participating in the real estate market for the first time, so they need data and guidance.

In addition to the real estate ads themselves, the internet also brings tools that can assist the broker in prospecting, contacting and serving customers. According to data from VivaReal, a platform that connects real estate agents, brokers and consumers, 87% of customers who browse real estate ads prefer contact by email to address the issue. Social networks and apps like WhatsApp can also be good tools for the broker, whether to advertise your wallet or negotiate the property.

Tips for you to advertise properties effectively

Just creating the ad and publicizing the developments in any way is not enough. The quality of the information and the relevance of the data presented are extremely important. The more complete the ad, the more likely it is to be visited and chosen by a potential customer.

Analyze your target audience and try to think like a consumer. What information would you like to have in advance to analyze a property? Which elements are essential and can make the client choose that project or not? These questions must be answered satisfactorily in order for the potential consumer to contact you.

Including the full address when advertising the property is still a matter of discussion among real estate professionals, but on the internet, this information is essential. According to the data obtained, if you advertise properties with the address, you will receive about 83% more contacts than an ad that omits the information.

To stand out in the market, it is worth investing in online and offline advertising, offering value and information to customers. Advertise properties analyzing the public and its objectives and differentiate yourself from the competition. Did you have any questions? Ask in the comments.