Create your real estate video: the essential tools and tricks

More and more people are looking for services and help onlineeven more than on any other platform. With that, the objective of your business can be to invest in this audience and in what they are looking for, and one of the best ways to do that is using video. That’s right, you don’t have to spend thousands on direct mail, or running ads in local newspapers or magazines.


Tools to create your video:
There are several tools that you can use to create your video, however, to record you can use the following items:
– Camcorder
If you prefer to record with a video camera, just make sure that the video format is 1280 × 720 pixels . You will need to enter “settings” to check this option. Youtube uses this format to better adapt to the rectangular screens that we have today, known as Widescreen.

Sometimes the best video you can make is with your own Smartphone. Devices like the iPhone allow you to produce with great video and audio settings, perfect for those just starting out. But if you don’t care about the model specifically, there are literally tons of devices with iPhone-like capabilities, just make sure your Smartphone records at a resolution suitable for producing in high quality.

-Screen Recorder
The video does not have to be entirely composed of images shot by the cell phone or video camera, you can add recordings from the computer screen , if you want to show the navigation on your website, any tool or any other detail that is on your screen . For that, I suggest the Screen Recorder program. This free software has a very simple mechanics and does not need improved knowledge to be able to operate it. What it does is to capture and record any and all actions that you perform on your computer.

Create a draft
If you want your first video to come out as naturally as possible, then I suggest that you outline in advance how you want it to be . Make a list containing the real estate topics you want to target, be it brokers, buyers, real estate, etc.

Write the script
When we see the different scenes of dialogues in a film, we have the feeling of being something perfectly natural, but know that all lines and actions were previously defined through a script. Some people may add a word there, another there, but in the end result, the content needs to be as close to the script as possible. Using these devices, things seem to flow better in front of the cameras, which is very important to convey the message that the scene needs. Therefore, your videos need to have a script, even if simple, as they will make things easier to be performed.

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Improving your work
Whatever editing software you use, be sure to include your website address throughout the video (at the bottom of the screen), so that people will remember it better. Doing a consistent job over time will add even more value to your company or service, and consequently, arouse the interest of potential customers. Pay attention to the opinion of your audience, always ask for suggestions and opinions in the comments of the video itself so that in the future you can further improve your work.