How to be a more valued realtor?

A frequent complaint among real estate agents is that, often, clients do not see value in their work and in the help that the professional offers to those who want to find the ideal home to live.

The lack of appreciation can be seen even in the way of negotiating the commission, for example, which is a somewhat unpleasant point since, in most cases, it is the broker’s only remuneration. But how to be a more efficient realtor and even more valued by customers?

Value yourself

The first and simplest point is to value yourself, which is often not done. Before looking at the eyes of others, see for yourself the importance that it has in people’s lives. Being a real estate agent means being aware that you are part of an important step in your clients’ lives.

Avoid negotiating commissions, evaluate a property here and there as a favor, help an acquaintance by advertising properties on your website, among other attitudes that can become commonplace and reduce the perception of the value of your work by customers.

Constant knowledge

Keeping yourself well informed is an essential part of the task of being a good broker and being valued by clients. Nowadays, consumers are increasingly empowered in relation to information, especially those who search for properties on the Internet, since this means facilitated access to various data, including on developments, regions, price, etc. Therefore, the broker needs, even more, to go beyond the basic information that customers already have.

Therefore, keep up to date on the market, on the developments in your portfolio, on the real estate financial scenario and other matters that fit the niche. The better prepared you are, the more you will stand out among your competitors.

Take care of your personal image

The real estate agent’s personal image is his business card, so it is worth investing in this area to pass the maximum professionalism to customers. Of course, it is not necessary to always wear a suit and tie when visiting in the middle of summer, however, it is important to have the common sense to meet the customer in a presentable way. The same is true when it comes to behaving and speaking, as these acts convey your professionalism and commitment.


With the current economic scenario, it is common for brokers to end up operating on several fronts. However, specialization can be a great choice, as this makes the real estate agent focus on one thing, being the best on that subject, instead of being good or reasonable in several guidelines. There are many possibilities: focus on sale, lease or popular housing, high-end properties or even in a specific region.

Be organized

The broker works daily with many properties and clients, so it is essential that it is organized, especially so that it has all the necessary information when requested by those interested in the developments.

This will not only provide time savings, but also productivity, as well as a way to show credibility and professionalism to current and future customers.

Discover related areas

Know a little more about areas related to the real estate market. Even if you only work with leasing, it is worth understanding a little more about property valuation. Get to know the characteristics and history of the regions where you work, understand a little about decoration and electrical parts and everything else that can be a differentiator for you.