How to choose a commercial room to rent?

Regardless of the industry, any professional who does not work only with home office looks for a commercial room to rent, or even an entire point for your company. The realtor does not shy away from this, as he needs a place to serve his clients and negotiate the developments in his portfolio. There are a multitude of options for the professional to choose the ideal place to work.

Some items must be analyzed before deciding on a commercial room or a development. Think: the value is within what you want to pay, does it fit in the company’s budget? Is the location ideal for your type of business? Especially for those who are going to start a business, the moment to choose the office requires caution and the use of reason. Next, check out some tips for choosing a commercial room to rent without having any regrets afterwards.

Analyze the price of commercial rent

Commercial rent is generally a little more expensive than residential rent. One reason for this is because some services may be included in the room. Even if it seems like a good idea, Brazilian law does not allow a housing property to be rented and turned into a business or a place that provides services, without the property registration being modified.

There are some tricks to know if the price matches the average value of the region and of another place with the same dimensions and characteristics. When determining the neighborhood you want to insert your business in, evaluate the average price of the region before searching for the ideal commercial room and compare it with the desired location.

What are your real needs?

Before even thinking about where to look for a commercial property, you need to find out what your main needs are in a project like this: number of employees, if any, possible customer visits, location, ideal infrastructure and even quantity of furniture and equipment.

It is also worth evaluating the infrastructure offered by the building, if the room is in a construction like this. For small rooms, you can compensate for a more expensive rental or condominium, which has reception services, concierge and meeting rooms for collective use. If the office is bigger, with few employees, it is possible to set up the reception and the room in the same environment.

Location of the commercial room

In addition to the price of the region, the location of the commercial room is one of the most important factors. Especially if working with real estate in a specific neighborhood, setting up an office in this location can be a positive idea. Check the surroundings of the project, if it is well lit, if it is safe, if it presents alternative transportation, parking and some details that can make a difference for you, your employees and your customers.


When you have the lease contract in hand, read all the clauses and clear the doubts in the act of negotiation, even if you have knowledge about the niche. Some information such as the amount of the rent, payment due date, form of adjustment and index of correction for the increase in the amount, if necessary, must be included in the clauses. Other than that, identify the existence of any topic that brings the possibility of structural changes in the property, as well as fines and duration of the contract.


When setting up the commercial room, observe all the documentation related to the property you want to rent. You can find information about the development at the City Hall, as well as at the local Real Estate Office. Check the existence of any legal pending, requests from the city hall, property tax and other details that must be checked before closing the contract.

As well as the enterprise itself, the owner of the construction must also make his history clear, as well as not present any type of legal action, for example, in order to avoid requisitions or attachment of the asset that may affect the professional’s permanence in the property.

Looking at the necessary aspects, finding a commercial room to rent is not that difficult a task. Even if you work with the real estate market, be careful and know what you are subscribing to. Did any doubts arise? Leave a comment in our post.