How to make a description for new properties for sale?

When it comes to advertising new properties for sale, online ads are great allies of the broker. More and more, the change in the way of publicizing the developments is noticeable, in addition, the traditional classifieds are no longer sufficient to attract a customer to visit one of the available residences.

It is natural for consumers to migrate to the virtual world, as technology has facilitated many negotiation processes. Therefore, real estate agents and brokers must adapt to this new world, transferring information from the real estate portfolio to the internet. On the other hand, it is important to know that it is not enough to advertise the developments on the website and wait for customer contact. You need to invest in your online visibility.

When filling in the fields for listing new properties for sale, it is necessary to ensure that all the information is there, so that it is more relevant for Internet users who are looking for properties to live in and also for search engines, such as Google , for example. The information must be well worked to correctly reach the possible customers. For this, check out some tips on how to properly advertise new properties for sale. 


The description is the strong point of a good property advertisement. When providing information about the project, pay attention mainly to the first 200 characters of the descriptive text, as this will be the part of the text that will appear in the search results of the mechanisms. But, it is worth remembering that the rest of the content should not be left out.

Aspects such as the floor on which the residence is located (in the case of apartments), view from the windows, social areas, location close to points of interest and other details that may attract attention should be highlighted.

Avoid using slang, abbreviations and excessive informality. Also, be careful with incorrect grammar, as this can hurt the realtor’s credibility with current and future clients. After finishing the description, put the text in Microsoft Word, as this is a good tool for analyzing grammatical and concordance errors. In the description, put:

Details – Include information that gives even more value to your property. This can contribute to touch the client’s emotional, for example: three suites, decorated, garage for 3 cars, beautiful view and other positive characteristics can make people see themselves within that enterprise.

Flashy headline – Think about your consumer’s priorities and needs. What would he look for? Putting a mini description in the title can help leverage the ad: Apartment + “so many” bedrooms + location + facilities nearby.

Location – Information about the neighborhood where the development is located is important for those who are looking for a place to live, as many like to know if they will be close to a point of interest. The best way to disclose this information is to give the full address of the residence.

Text – Use well-structured phrases, in addition to the correct Portuguese, since everything should go towards the image of the broker and the company he works for, if applicable.

Photographs – The images in the ads must convey exactly what the property is. Remember to make the photo the best possible quality, even if they are registered with a smartphone. The venture may be impeccable, but if the photos do not show it, it can devalue itself. This can disrupt the transaction.

Don’t forget to include information such as the garage space, infrastructure details, such as a balcony, barbecue, party room, among others, and the value of the condominium, if applicable.

With a good description it is possible to help even more people who are looking for a new home. Did you have any doubts or have a suggestion of what can be placed in the description of a property ad? Leave a comment for us!