How to present a property for sale during the visit?

One of the important points and analyzed by customers is the presentation of the property for sale. After finding the ad, analyzing the description, location, and price and viewing photos of the place, it is time for the visit, and at this moment it is possible to close a deal or put everything to lose.

There are several tips and tricks for realtors to delight their clients, already on the visit. Some details in the service make all the difference and, therefore, the broker must prepare for the moment. Check out five tips to win over the customer and show them that the property for sale is their dream home.

Study the property for sale

To say that the broker must know the property he is selling is not new to anyone in the sector. However, it is worth mentioning that it is important to know the project in depth, its details and singularities and how to pass it on to the client so that he wants that house. It is not enough to take a quick look at everything a few minutes before the visit. It is necessary to be prepared, therefore, if possible, visit the property for sale more than once and write down interesting details to pass on to the potential customer.

Search Differentials

Each property for sale is unique and has particularities that interest and draw the attention of some consumers. Therefore, check and communicate everything that can serve to guide your client, such as facilities found in the condominium, shops, schools, nearby hospitals, points of interest such as subway stations and bus lines serving the region. Also analyze the security and tranquility of the neighborhood, as well as the view from the windows and all details about the region that may attract the customer.

Organize the location

A disorganized or dirty house or apartment can make a bad impression on the customer. Therefore, it is worth cleaning and conserving the environment before visits. Discard furniture that is not going to be used and, if there are still people living there, ask them to leave everything in its proper place. Remove personal items that allude to hobbies, religious or sporting goods.

Support the customer

Often, consumers have difficulty visualizing what their home will look like in an empty property. Therefore, give constructive tips on decoration, colors, incidence of sunlight and position of the furniture. There are smartphone apps that help at that time. Suvinil, a paint brand, has an app that virtually colors the walls, for example.

Worry about service

The service that will be provided to the consumer is one of the most striking differentials, in addition, it makes the difference between the wide variety of properties for sale and other competitors in the niche. Know how to be helpful and answer all customer questions. Be objective, but be careful not to sound rude or overbearing.

After the visit, get in touch with the client, ask if there are any doubts or if he wants a new meeting, a new property or what negative points could prevent the deal from being concluded. Showing interest after the visit improves the customer’s perception of your work and, even if he does not buy the property immediately, for sure the good service will make him remember you when he needs it.

The visit is usually decisive for choosing the property for sale, so this moment deserves great attention on the part of the broker. Presenting the available houses and apartments is not always an easy task, since each client is unique and observing their characteristics is the best way not to make mistakes and increase the chances of selling the property. Is that you? Do you have more tips on visiting the site? Tell us in the comments.