How to retain the buyer of real estate after contact?

There are several ways to attract those who want to buy real estate and have a better chance of showing your ad to potential customers. However, research indicates that the service provided to the consumer after the initial contact is the main reason why some negotiations are not concluded.

The use of software, tools and real estate platforms help when it comes to creating the perfect property listing and achieving greater reach, but an important part of the purchase journey is often overlooked: customer service.

Serving the consumer well does not mean just answering their questions or insistently calling them to close the deal. It takes empathy and knowledge to turn the customer’s desire into reality and be able to sell or rent the property.

5 tips to serve the customer well

After getting the initial contact of the consumer interested in the property you have advertised, it is important to keep the person motivated. For that, there are some service tips that can favor the sale or rental of the dream house.

1. Be available

According to research carried out by VivaReal – a portal that connects real estate agents and brokers to those looking for a home, consumers in general find it tolerable to wait up to 1 day for the broker to contact them. That is why it is important to be available, but not only at the first contact. During the negotiations, doubts may arise and if the real estate professional does not respond, the consumer can search for another property and close the sale or rent in another real estate company.

2. Respect the customer

Many people prefer to be contacted by email or WhatsApp, not by phone. Respect the client’s wishes, including in terms of hours and intimacy. WhatsApp may seem like an informal mechanism, but it should be used professionally to contact you about the sale or rental of a property.

3. Beware of pride

No one knows more what a person wants or needs when looking for a new home than themselves. Therefore, listen to the customer’s doubts, needs and desires and answer according to the questions asked. Despite experience in the business, do not think that you know more than the consumer and do not show it, after all, no one likes to appear inexperienced or uninformed.

4. Don’t “forget” the customer after the sale

Despite many changes in the way the consumer goes through the purchase journey, one method remains valid: word of mouth. Therefore, even after signing the contract, keep cordial contact with the customer. Call to find out what he is thinking of the property, whether it met your expectations and whether he is satisfied. Ask him to indicate you if someone close to you needs a realtor and is helpful. It is also valid to send a message or card on your birthday and on specific dates, such as Christmas and New Year.

5. Don’t go over limits

Calling or sending messages outside business hours (unless the customer asked for it to be so), sending emojis, jokes and images are attitudes that keep the customer away, instead of approaching him. The consumer wants a clear and transparent relationship with the broker, but that does not mean they are friends.

Providing service on the verge of excellence may not seem like an easy task, but with a little attention and dedication it is possible to provide the best service to the consumer and thus retain customer loyalty. A good thermometer on how you are attending is to analyze whether you would like to be treated like this. You can also use basic assessments and send them to customers a few days after signing the contract.

Is that you? Do you have more tips to retain and serve the client well in the real estate market? Tell us in the comments!