How to survive in all phases of the market

How do you guarantee the continuity and sustainability of your business in the real estate market?

You need to ensure that you remain afloat and financially secure. With the times of crisis, sales dropped considerably in our country. However, if we learn anything from it all, it is that it doesn’t matter if you are making R $ 100,000 a year, but if you are sustainable or not. In fact, if your finances and incomes are not sustainable, you will only fall further. So, as more people need real estate and generate sales growth, others are increasing their values ​​even more. How to guarantee continuity in this way? 


How to guarantee survival in all market conditions?

The most important factor here (in finance and business in general) is ensuring that you have a cash flow, and that your income exceeds your expenses. Once your income becomes greater than your expenses, you achieve financial freedom like park view city , and once there, you should never, ever lose control.

I am still optimistic about the real estate market in Brazil, it is important to be optimistic for the best and always prepared for the worst. But after all, what does this mean for real estate investors and business owners? To ensure survival and prosperity at all stages of the market, this also implies:

● Reservation creation

● Investment and maintenance in marketing / advertising

● Constant search for growth

● Establishing a good profit margin

● Maintain consistent sales to keep the money coming to your business

If your business and real estate investment strategy is within profit margins, you can rest assured for new investments, now if your profit margins do not exist, it is better to be aware, as you are on dangerous ground.


Building wider margins

Building wider margins than you need or want, is important for any possible volume and increase in future expenses. I believe that the best time to start more productive businesses is always during these difficult times – because others are often overly conservative.

Then there is the security of diversifying income streams, increasing your strategies with other sources of cash flow. If you have only focused on fixing and launching homes, consider some rental income taxed on TurnkeyCrowdfundingPrivate Loans or additional sources of cash flow.

Most importantly, don’t wait until you have a problem, the time to build your margins for further support is now.

How are you ensuring the sustainability of your business?
Leave it in the comments if you know of any other techniques that have worked for your business!