Property for rent: how to present to the client?

After a lot of work, announcements, improvements and contacts, finally a potential customer wants to visit a property to rent that is under their care. Many brokers are encouraged to imagine that the deal is practically closed and it is on this visit that they unconsciously put everything to lose.

When visiting the property, the consumer already has several information about him and is interested. It is common to visit more than one house or apartment before the final decision, even if it is a rental. Thus, it is the broker’s role to feed the interest and awaken the desire in the client, so that he decides for that place and concludes the deal.

In order not to make a mistake when presenting the property for rent and to risk losing a client, check out some tips that we have prepared for you:

Get ready before
It is essential that before taking a client to know the property , the broker comes to the place alone, in order to check the rooms, organization and cleaning of existing furniture and rooms. Besides, of course, getting acquainted with the place.

When visiting the property with the client, have a form in hand with the main information such as the rent, condominium (if any), footage, number of rooms, etc. In the case of an apartment, also communicate the internal rules on visits, service providers, permission for pets and other building guidelines.

Communicate in a clear and truthful way
Confusing the data of the property or not being sure about crucial information can harm the broker. In addition, invest in your communication, with courses or tips on public speaking, argumentation and even less speech therapy.

Disguising information or lying to the customer is a shot in the foot. After all, if he signs the contract and finds a flaw, the name of the broker or real estate agent will possibly be without any credibility. If there is a need for reform, try to be conciliatory and find the sweet spot between the parties.

Show all the details of the property
Not every house arrives in perfect condition at the hands of the tenant and minor renovations and adjustments are usually necessary. It is good tone to already have an agreement with the owner, so that he is aware of changes and expenses that may be necessary for a comfortable life in the place.

It is worth mentioning that structural improvements and reforms are the responsibility of the owner. For convenience, the tenant can settle these debts and have them discounted on subsequent rentals until the discount amount due is completed.

It is also important to know the position of switches, doorbell, how to lock and unlock windows, information on heating, water, circuit breakers and the number of parking spaces. Such details may seem trivial, but they help to win the customer and make the rent.

Give suggestions
Decoration and interior design are not part of the broker’s training, but studying and researching such subjects can make a difference when visiting the site. Viewing and suggesting furniture, colors and decoration items for a room are differentials that can delight the customer.

Indicating which rooms may be ideal for each use and explaining why the suggestion is also an action well regarded by consumers, as they manage to have a better perception of the empty environment.

Is that you? Do you have more tips for the moment of the client’s visit to the property? Do you practice those mentioned above? Tell us!