Property sales: market is optimistic for 2017

The real estate market shows optimism for the sale of real estate in the next year. A survey carried out by VivaReal with consumers, real estate agents and brokers showed that prices are expected to improve and negotiations in the sector in 2017.

The 2017 Expectations Survey was conducted with 1,545 consumers, 482 realtors and 432 real estate agents from 326 Brazilian cities. The general feeling perceived was optimism, with the real estate market and potential customers assessing that property prices are very high.

According to the study, 40% of consumers bet that the amounts charged will fall next year, while 64% of professionals in the sector believe in maintaining prices.

About 70% of brokers and real estate agents of blue world city are optimistic about the market in 2017, while 53% of customers looking for a new property for sale also denoted the positive feeling of improvement in the market.

The survey provides information on the real estate sector, the expectations of professionals and consumers and also an overview of their perception of the economic outlook for the coming year. Real estate professionals are optimistic, with 61% of respondents pointing to improvement in the Brazilian economy and 35% uncertain about the topic.

Regarding the Brazilian economy, 43% of consumers assessed uncertainty, while 41% showed optimism about the market in general. The main causes pointed to the doubt about the country’s economic recovery are corruption, economic crisis and political crises.

Profile of consumers looking for properties for sale

The survey was conducted with Brazilian consumers, 51% of whom were women. The majority of respondents, 60%, are married or in a stable relationship. 40% of them are concentrated in the age group between 25 and 39 years and 65% have an average family income above R $ 3,418.00.

Among the consumers who participated in the VivaReal Survey of Expectations 2017, those who recently sought to sell properties represent the following data: 84% have not yet found the home of their dreams, while the demand for the purchase of a property represents 71% of the intentions , 22% wish to rent a home and 7% gave up the search.

Used properties represent the desire of 66% of those who have not yet found the ideal place, with 28% intending to pay the investment in cash and 52% preferring to seek financing. The exchange represents 17% of searches, while 3% plan to join a consortium.

Among those who want a real estate launch, most seek financing (72%) to settle the property, with the swap representing 12% of the form of payment, 11% intend to pay in cash and 3% also seek a consortium. The expectation of consumers is to find the desired property for sale in up to six months.

When analyzing the data provided by those who have already obtained the ideal home, 16% of the interviewees, the location represented 48% of the transactions. The 30% that bought a used property revealed that they had obtained an average discount of 13% in the initial price of the offer. The 22% that opted for the launches reached 14% discount when closing the transaction.

Economic expectations and new projects by the Federal Government may also help to move the real estate sector in 2017. The increased consumer confidence and the improvement in Brazilian economic indicators reinforce the market’s optimism.

The beginning of the year brings several opportunities for the broker and, with the favorable data, it is even more indicated to seek new clients who wish to sell real estate. Did you like the data? Share your opinion with us in the comments.