Reasons to prioritize email marketing actions

Real estate agents need to make email marketing a priority. In an applied survey of agents, email campaigns were named one of the top three most effective marketing strategies. Here are some reasons why email marketing should be high on your priority list:



Works in general

85% of the Brazilian population uses e-mail and has access to the internet. Among 18- to 29-year-olds, that number rises to 98%. You want to send your messages and get the best results, go where they will actually be accessed. After social networks, e-mail is a medium that has an extraordinary volume of users.


Sales from the property list

Good real estate marketing aims to bring buyers to your contact list. E-mail, however, can bring them in a very effective way. A beautiful house or with the characteristics that a buyer is looking for, in addition to many pictures that value the best of the property can be added to the email and generate the interest of any buyer to look at physically.


More convenient

Customers like to be treated well. Some are more difficult to close a deal, but may yield depending on the broker’s waist game. E-mail ends up being more convenient for all types of customers, giving them the option to look when it is most appropriate, adapting better to each person’s free time, and not necessarily the time you have to contact them.


Specific customers

If you have customers with specific characteristics and tastes (such as first-time buyers, apartment buyers, or who are looking for something specific) with email marketing, you can create information and advertisements for each of these groups. You can target your emails to both buyers and sellers, and you can literally customize an email for each customer.


Contributing to your company

For greater effectiveness, all of your marketing must value your brand. Are you responsible for passing on information to first-time buyers in your region? Do you provide mortgage information, inspections, etc.? Did your company stand out in any way during the season? All of this can be added as information in your email. You can put together a series of emails explaining about mortgage rights, for example.


Integrating accounts

A good real estate agent’s website should have a good web page with property listings, as well as social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. A good email campaign will bring all the media together, connecting your customers to all of them, keeping them up to date with your news.


Repeating business remittance

One of the most important functions of email marketing is the way it allows you to keep in touch with older customers, you can even create a personalized email for them. Recent news about the real estate universe combined with news from your community, and even about mortgage rates can be truly useful and appreciated.

In addition, if recipients are looking for real estate agents, your name will be in front of emails to remind them always. Of course, each customer has their purchase cycle, but when the time comes to get back on the job, it will be their name that will be on the tip of their tongue.

Do you already use email marketing, or plan to start using it? Leave in the comments the experiences you have had with this type of marketing.