The importance of creating good online property ads

The internet is part of the life of more than half of Brazilians and this brings changes to several markets, including real estate. The ads real estate online bring good results when well – crafted. Due to the great use of the web, especially with smartphones connected all the time, online consumers must be understood and gain importance.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many people perform important tasks online. From making bank transfers and grocery shopping to finding properties for sale or rent, everything can be done over the internet. Of course, a consumer will not fail to visit the desired home, but he will reach the stage of scheduling the visit after analyzing the online ad. That is why it is important to dedicate yourself to this task with dedication.

Why optimize your ad?

One of the reasons for creating a good property ad is that it gains greater visibility and, possibly, more qualified leads. However, in order to have greater reach, the ad must follow certain rules like rudn enclave .

Search engines, like Google, use algorithms – basically, instructions in programming to evaluate certain aspects and prioritize pages. To appear on the first page when someone searches for a term in your niche, you need to follow some rules and directions such as using photos, keywords, amount of information, among others.

How to create a good real estate ad

Some tips can help when creating a property ad, especially to advertise it on the ImobiBrasil system. Check out!

Fill the filters correctly
ImobiBrasil has specific filters and fields to assist the broker when creating an ad. Informing as much as possible about the property and not leaving filters blank is a good option. Generally, the available filters include type of property (house, apartment, kitnet, and studio), whether it is new or used, price (including condominium, taxes and fees) and area.

Include photos
The recommendation is that an ad contains 15 photos of the property. Don’t forget to tidy up the place beforehand and check the brightness at the moment. Photograph the facade, the rooms, and some details such as doors, interior cupboards and the bathroom. Videos are a good alternative to better show the home to the consumer.

Inform the location
Although it is still a subject that generates much debate in the real estate industry, on the internet it is necessary to mention the exact address of the property. Thus, the potential customer can evaluate the location, the nearby facilities and even observe the street through Google StreetView. When advertising apartments, it may be interesting to also mention the floor of the available unit.

Spread the ad
Spread the ad on various real estate platforms, sales sites and even on social networks. ImobiBrasil has integration with some real estate portals, and it is possible to include the existing ads on the site itself in an automated and simple way.

The better the ad, with relevant information, photos, address and other details, the greater the chances that you will only receive qualified leads, that is, contacts who are really interested in that particular property. That is why it is important to invest in the production of the ads and also in the relationship with the potential customer after contact.