What are the advantages of advertising properties on real estate portals?

The use of the internet on smartphones is more present in people’s lives with each passing day. To get an idea of ​​the magnitude of the online world, more than 42 million Brazilians access the network through mobile devices. To keep up with the evolution of technology, the real estate market must always be updated and remain in constant learning.

Pamphlets, newspapers and signs are no longer enough to attract the attention of future buyers and renters. Therefore, acting on the internet and advertising properties on real estate portals is a positive way to reach the target audience.

Through the disclosure of property links on appropriate sites for this, your projects may have more visibility. But, before you start creating ads anywhere, it’s worth knowing how to choose the right portal for your ventures. Check out 5 tips for choosing a real estate portal.


01 – Organic positioning

Search engines like Google, for example, are the first search alternative for people looking for a property on the internet. Therefore, simulate how the buyer would search for a property with characteristics similar to the residences offered by you. Those portals that appear in the first options of your searches are the ones that will also position yourself for your possible customers. So, this is a good first step to start analyzing portals.

02 – Understand your industry

Try to understand if there are portals focused especially on the property you are going to advertise. There are websites that specialize in some types of developments, such as luxury homes, property rentals for students, foreigners, among others. Often, these real estate platforms can offer the opportunity to attract and segment your customers with greater accuracy.

03 – Place ads on prominent portals

No broker wants to be just another professional in the midst of his area of ​​expertise. Generally, paid real estate portals are the best alternatives to have a greater prominence among other professionals. Also pay attention to the way you advertise your products.

After checking the positioning of the portal on search engines, understand more about the time to market, structure, number of advertisers, layout and history of the site. Pay attention also to the navigability, that is, if the portal is easy to use or not.

04 – Test more than one portal

Use more than one portal at the same time to compare the results that each one offers. Listen carefully to the proposals that each one has and, if they promise very aggressive results, be on the lookout for possible fraud. Ask the numbers and facts that the portal can provide and understand what this data means. Some platforms offer free of charge for a trial period. Take advantage of the opportunities.

05 – Watch the competition

Do you have any brokers who admire your work and think you are an excellent professional? So get to know him even better and try to find where they are advertising their properties. This can be a good indicator when it comes to helping you choose the ideal portal for your projects.

Take advantage of real estate portals 

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Real estate portals can serve as thermometers. Therefore, staying tuned and accessing this type of website is very important to promote your properties with more conviction. Make the most of the audience on these portals.

Make eye-catching ads

When advertising properties on real estate portals, the broker must select the best photos of the rooms and also of the façade, to attract users’ attention among so many products offered. However, just placing images in the ad is not enough.

Provide complete information about the development, such as the value of the residence, property tax, condominium (if applicable) and, mainly, the contacts so that the prospects can locate you.

Advertising properties on portals can help with broker sales. So, start your search on the best platforms to advertise your home portfolio, gain visibility and increase your productivity and results. Did any questions arise? Leave a comment for us.