What is the importance of good photos for real estate ads?

For many consumers, photographs of real estate ads can be decisive factors in an online negotiation. Conquering the customer with your eyes is a good alternative also for those who want to sell a residence over the internet. Therefore, a good image is very important for closing a successful sale.

Even a Smartphone can be a good ally to capture good images. In addition to good lenses and resolutions, these devices also allow the application of lights and filters to regulate colors, which adds a finishing touch to the photo.

However, it is worth remembering that one should not exaggerate the treatment of images, so as not to show falsehood and end up resulting in the opposite effect to what was expected. With some tips it is possible to use photography to your advantage and make it simple in quality:

Organize the environment:

Some images of properties available on the web show mess, dirt and disorganization and this, in most cases, can make it difficult to close a sale or rental, even if it is a great undertaking.

It is important to pay attention to the organization and cleanliness of the spaces before taking the pictures, especially in rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen, which require a lot of hygiene and care. In furnished properties, it is advisable to align the pictures on the wall, when appropriate, in addition to carpets, cushions and curtains. These details can make all the difference.

Choose a good angle:

When taking photos, it is important to identify the best space of the property, which demonstrates the breadth and characteristics of the construction. Generally, the corners are the best angles, as they provide better realism to the photos. It is not advisable to take images taken from the bottom up, or from the top down. The best way to position the camera is always at the height of the middle of the wall.


Light instability (too low or too high) can wipe out your photo. The ideal is to always try to capture the image with your back to the light source, be it a window, door or lamp. Explore, whenever possible, natural light or space lighting, lighting lamps, opening windows and avoiding the use of flashes.


It is more than recommended to use a tripod to avoid taking blurred pictures. If it is not possible to take the equipment, it is worth improvising: use a table or chair as a support, set the timer – a function that programs the device (camera or cell phone) to take the photo automatically.

Properties with pools:

To take pictures of swimming pools, the tip is to stay in a high place, like a staircase with at least 3 steps. This will make the image have a depth effect.


It is recommended to publish at least 15 photos of each property. At the time of selection, it is worth choosing photos that give the customer an overview of the external and internal spaces. Choose the best one to be the cover of the gallery, or the first among all the others.

With these tips it is possible to improve the photographs of your properties. But, if you still feel that the images are not coming out with the proper quality, it may be interesting to hire a photographer specializing in real estate photos or ask third parties what they thought of the images before publishing them.